ZF 5HP-24 Variations

Generally, this transmission is referred to as the ZF 5HP-24. It’s a refinement on the ZF 5HP-30, which was used in early V8 versions of the BMW E34 (5-series), E38 7-series and E31 (8-series) as well as the E31 (8-series) with the M73 V12 engine, as well as some Aston Martin, Bentley and Rolls-Royce models.

The ZF 5HP-24 was used in later V8 versions of the BMW E34, E38 and E31. It was also used in some V8 Jaguar and Range Rover models, and with incorporation of the Audi Quattro mechanism, was also used in some V8 Audi A6 and A8 models where it was designated ZF 5HP-24A … even so the vast majority of the internal parts are the same.

On the BMW models, the 5HP-24 has at least six different variations, starting in 1997. Each variation is identified using one of three ways:

  • A ZF Part number
  • A BMW part number
  • A two-letter code

The 5HP-24 was first used on the BMW 840Ci, a.k.a. the E31 Coupe. As to variations, the information below comes from the ZF Spare Parts Catalog, our correspondence with savvy people, and our own in-person observations.

For the E34 5-series and E38 7-series, there were three successive variations of this transmission, respectively identified as:

  • 1058000016 – 24 00 1 423 192 – “TB”
  • 1058000021 – 24 00 1 423 302 – “TE”
  • 1058000022 – 24 00 1 423 304 – “TF”

The variations as used in the BMW V8 models are:

  • 1058000005 – 24 00 1 423 200 – “PD” – 840Ci
  • 1058000029 – 24 00 1 423 949 – “UP” – X5 4.4i
  • 1058000034 – 24 00 7 512 587 – “UK” – X5 4.6is

If your transmission has a variation number that doesn’t exactly match the transmission you’re buying from us, we intend to first get an explicit OK from ZF or a ZF distributor as to interchanging.

To see which variation you have, look at the ID plate affixed to the transmission. It’ll show the ZF part number and the two-letter code.