Our founder was raised by a mom with German values, in a family focused on German car ownership. She became enamored with BMWs in 1977, and after moving to Nevada, she bought a running but humble BMW 1984 318i for $300.

She later bought a 1984 BMW 633 CSi and some BMW 733i cars …all with the ZF 4HP-22 transmission.

She fell in love with this type of transmission. When she learned that the early versions of these transmissions had issues, she founded an automotive parts company in 2003, to address this issue.

She also bought a 1989 BMW 325i as her personal daily driver …here she is, showing off.

She did a deep dive into ZF 4HP-22 transmissions, learning that this same transmission was also used in many other high-quality cars, including the Volvo 740. So when her BMW 633 CSi transmission started having issues, she went to a junkyard, personally removed the 4HP-22 transmission from a Volvo 740 and now that’s installed in her BMW.  It works well.

In 2015, she gave her mom a birthday present: an Audi Quattro that was drivable but its ZF 5HP-24A transmission was having issues. She mistakenly figured the problem would be easy to fix. It took her two years to master the intricacies of the ZF 5HP-24A transmission. By now she owns half a dozen A6 Quattro 4.2 V8 cars and half a dozen A8 Quattro cars, all with this transmission.  In the process of focusing on this transmission, she also learned that there’s a non-Quattro version, called the ZF 5HP-24, that was used for V8 BMWs.

And so, she combined two things she likes very much: the ZF 5HP-24 and BMWs. She bought a 1998 BMW 740iL and studied it.

As a result, the company now also offers partway-renewed ZF 5HP-24 transmissions for V8 BMWs.